Our Rooms

Our Baby Unit

Our baby unit is a bright happy room, fully equipped with a milk kitchen, changing area and an adjacent sleep room. We are registered to care for 6 babies between 6 weeks and 18 months old.

We have a wide variety of toys and equipment which are frequently anti-bacterial washed and kept to a safe standard.

In the baby unit, the focus is on the babies receiving love, comfort and security and getting to know and understand the world around them. We encourage your baby in appropriate play and early learning according to their age and development, providing a wide range of sensory and exploratory toys and equipment. We aim to follow the babies home routine as closely as possible.

Each baby has a key worker, who they can develop a special bond with. Each day parents will receive a record of feeds, sleeps and nappy changes made throughout the day.

We provide good quality nappies, wipes, creams and cotton wool. We also provide high factor sunscreen for the summer.

We supply most brands of powdered milk.

Our aim is to have happy healthy babies

Our Toddler room

We have a spacious bright and airy room, to enable our toddlers to explore and burn up excess energy! Learning through play forms the basis of our daily activities. We have a high standard and a wonderful selection of toys and equipment to capture their imaginations and develop their problem solving skills, physical development, manipulative skills, role-play, language and literacy skills as well as creative and imaginative areas. We provide care for approximately 12 toddlers.

For all children joining the Nursery our initial emphasis is on making them feel loved, happy and secure. To assist with this process each child is allocated a key worker, with whom they can form a special bond. Their key worker will work closely with you at all times, discussing their triumphs or any concerns they may have and will monitor and record the appropriate areas i.e. milestones, progress and successes.

Each day you will be given a record of what your toddler has enjoyed playing with, what they’ve eaten, their sleeps (if appropriate) and their toileting throughout the day.


Our Pre-School group is situated at the back of the nursery and is a bright and airy room. We have an I.T area and an area for ‘messy play’ as well as fully equipped areas for the introduction of educational development. The Nursery Staff plan activities and experiences that encourage each child to progress to their full potential in their development and learning. We provide care for approximately 12 children in the Pre-School group.

Activities are centred around the children’s interest, which encourage the children to get involved and to develop their social and personal skills. These activities are taken to the level of The National Curriculum, based on The Early Years Foundation Stage, which will ensure a smooth transition into Primary Education. Children at the Nursery benefit greatly from our approach to Early Years Learning.

Each child has a key worker, with whom they can form a special bond and who will monitor and record the appropriate areas i.e. progress and successes, as well as discussing their triumphs or any concerns they may have with you. Each day you will be given a record of their favourite activities, new skills they are developing as well as information about their individual play plans and our observations.

Government funding can be accessed for all children the term after their third brithday.

email: enquiries@happyheartsdaynursery.co.uk

call us: 01202 419232

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