Safeguarding children and child protection (Including managing allegations of abuse against a member of staff) Policy statement

Our setting will work with children, parents and the community to ensure the rights and safety of children and to give them the very best start in life. Our safeguarding policy is based on the three key commitments of Safeguarding Children.
We carry out the following procedures to ensure we meet the three key commitments.

Key commitment 1

Happy Hearts Day Nursery is committed to building a 'culture of safety' in which children are protected from abuse and harm in all areas of its service delivery.

Staff and volunteers


Key commitment 2

Happy Hearts Day Nursery is committed to responding promptly and appropriately to all incidents or concerns of abuse that may occur and to work with statutory agencies in accordance with the procedures that are set down in the ‘Working together to Safeguard Children 2013’ guidance.


Recording suspicions of abuse and disclosures

Informing parents

Liaison with other agencies

Allegations against staff


Disciplinary action
Where a member of staff or volunteer has been dismissed due to engaging in activities that caused concern for the safeguarding of children or vulnerable adults, we will notify the Disclosure and Barring Service of relevant information, so that individuals who pose a threat to children and vulnerable groups can be identified and barred from working with these groups.

Key commitment 3

Happy Hearts Day Nursery is committed to promoting awareness of child abuse issues throughout its Practitioners training. It is also committed to empowering young children, through its early childhood curriculum, promoting their right to be strong, resilient and listened to.





Support to families


Uncollected Child

In the event that a child is not collected by an authorised adult at the end of a session/day, the setting puts into practice agreed procedures.  These ensure the child is cared for safely by an experienced and qualified practitioner who is known to the child.  We will ensure that the child receives a high standard of care in order to cause as little distress as possible.

We inform parents/carers of our procedures so that, if they are unavoidably delayed, they will be reassured that their children will be properly cared for.



Parents of children starting at the setting are asked to provide the following specific information which is recorded on our Registration Form:



Happy Hearts Day Nursery operates a CCTV scheme within the Nursery environment.

The scheme’s overall aim is to provide and maintain a safer and more secure environment for the benefit of children, parents and staff.

The main objectives are to:
Assist in the overall security of individuals and premises and to act as a deterrent to vandalism within the site
The CCTV cameras monitor the site continuously and the recordings are retained for up to 30 days.

Operation of CCTV System: This policy statement is based on the Information Commissioner’s Guidance for CCTV users. The system has been registered in accordance with The Data Protection Act.
Controller of System: The system is under the control of the nursery Manager/Owner Joanne Gordon. In her absence the system will be under the control of the Deputy Manager, Emma Bannister.
Signage: Notices will be permanently displayed at key locations to indicate that a CCTV monitoring system is in place.
Position of Cameras: Cameras are sited to obtain clear images in the front and back playgrounds, to the exterior of the building, in the Hallway, Baby Unit, Sleep room, Toddler Room, Pre-School and in the Nursery Kitchen.
Security of Equipment: The recording equipment is kept in a secure, locked unit in the Nursery office. Images will be automatically recorded for 30 days after which they will be over-written.
Response to individuals requesting access to images relating to that individual: In this instance the controller will refer to the Information Commissioner’s Code of Practice.
If it is deemed necessary for any data to be removed from the premises (e.g. in the case of a criminal investigation), the person or organisation requesting the data will be required to sign a form stating that it will become their responsibility for the safe storage and destruction of the data.
All new staff members will be informed of the CCTV operation during their induction. Staff members must be aware that any incident of malpractice seen through the CCTV monitor may be used as evidence in a disciplinary procedure.



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